We pack medicines
for our loved ones…
and yours

Not a day goes by without us realizing that someone close to you, or us, might be prescribed a medicine that has been packed by Tjoapack. This is why we continuously carry out research to establish the safest, most effective, and efficient way to package your medicines.

We work with you to identify the very best possible packaging solution

The outcome is not always the solution that you initially had in mind, but it might be that the packaging design we come up with serves your product even better. Even the best packaging solution has to meet certain requirements. Examples include logistics or country-specific requirements, budget limitations, or legal requirements. As a specialist in this field, Tjoapack will guide you in every step of the process.

Packaging: a critical success factor in your supply chain

A well-designed packaging process can have a positive effect on the KPIs for your supply chain. Examples of this include limiting stock levels and working capital, improving the reliability of delivery, and limiting obsolete stock. Tjoapack is happy to advise you on any of the above.

oral solid dosages packaged by Tjoapack find their way to patients.

Tjoapack is an independent contract packager of medicines, mainly in solid dosage form. The company was founded in 1989, and serves clients in both Europe and beyond. We focus on what we do best: gathering knowledge about the pharmaceutical chain, and the role that packaging plays in that chain. Even more importantly, we use this knowledge to perfect our packaging products and techniques. And not for the sake of perfection itself, but instead to make the use of medicine safer and more practical. To do so, we work closely with parties from the pharmaceutical, biotech, and med-tech industries, as well as hospitals and pharmacists.


Pharmaceutical packaging

Tjoapack is an expert in the packaging of solid, oral forms of medicine for the pharmaceutical industry. In addition to packaging medicines, we also offer a number of other packaging services, for all of the various dosage forms. We specialise in the production of hospital packaging, patient-compliant packaging, and other smart packaging solutions. In so doing, we have been contributing to improving patient safety for more than 25 years.

Eric Tjoa, CEO


‘Although it’s only rarely reported on in the media, it's a fact that major mistakes are made in the distribution of medicines, and that these mistakes could be putting the lives of patients at risk. Our company was founded with the goal of contributing to medication safety, while also providing clients with the very best in logistics. Smart and creative packaging makes it far easier to improve patient safety.

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